Reasons to be Positive and Looking Ahead!

 Reasons to be Positive and Looking Ahead!

Despite the gloom and doom of the past year and the forced hiatus of travel the world over, things are beginning to move in the right direction and we are daring to dream of the opportunity to experience the world beyond our own four walls and local areas once again!

Whilst there has certainly been a lack of good news stories in recent months, there are some truly positive if unpredicted results emerging from a year spent in various stages of lockdown.


– Carbon emissions have been reduced

With almost the whole world grounded, flights cancelled and fewer motor vehicles on the road, the disappearance of rush hour and reduced operations in factories the world over, we are seeing hugely positive effects on the environment.

Carbon emissions in China fell by a quarter and similar air pollution reductions have been seen in northern Italy, with nitrogen dioxide emitted from power plants, cars and factories in the part of the country dropping significantly.

Carbon monoxide levels are also down around 50% in most major Cities due to the reduction in traffic.



– The effects of overtourism have been negated

Overtourism is a real concern in our modern world where air travel has become so easy and affordable. Now there have been many destinations all over the world which have benefitted from the world coming to a temporary standstill.

Austria has already reported positive results from the reduction in visitors to its Mountains, with the Austrian Alps being closed to the public since the outbreak of the pandemic, wildlife has bounced back in a serious way without the influx of hikers and skiiers.

Other similar positive effects are emerging the world over; over-trampled forests are re-growing, coral reefs recovering, and sand dunes and coastal paths have a break from walkers causing erosion.

The restarting of tourism is likely to be carefully managed and involve a cautious, gradual opening of borders, so that we may all enjoy the benefits of these positive recovery of our eco systems.

Not all countries, airlines or visitors will be ready to start travel again at the same time. This means that iconic sites and natural wonders will not be besieged by tourists. This will be a great time to explore them before the masses arrive again.



– You will be welcomed back with open arms

There’s nothing like a warm welcome after a long journey. Once the world starts travelling again, local people who rely on tourism will need your support more than ever, meaning they will appreciate your visit more than ever, too.

Not only is it a great feeling to help out small businesses and local tour guides when they need it the most, but you will also benefit from their happiness of having you there. Whether you’re part of the

first group to participate in a new guided tour, strike up a friendship with the owner of your hotel, or are simply very well looked after at an authentic restaurant – your travel experiences are likely to be more personal and more authentic after the virus.

A win-win for all involved.



– Planning is part of the fun!

Just because you can’t travel right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan your next trip.

Most of us have had more time than usual on our hands (particularly with the children nowback at school)! Use it to update your bucket list, or research your next adventure.

Choose your next destination, start mapping out your itinerary and make your plans ahead of time. Prepare now, and you can make sure you’re first out of the door when the world dusts off its suitcase and is free to start exploring again. Check out for inspiration



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