Hiking and Trekking on Walking Holidays in Mongolia

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Walking Holidays in Mongolia

Our Mongolia trekking tour is an overland tour that offers a combination of hiking and other activities where you can admire the beautiful landscapes, meet nomadic peoples and take in the culture of this wonderful country. Hiking Mongolia is arguably one of the best ways to see the country, giving you the time and means to really appreciate the vastness and peace of the landscapes. On our tours in Mongolia you will have an excellent introduction to this highly varied, ancient and stunning country.

Trekking in Mongolia

Mongolia covers a vast territory in Central Asia between China and Russia, situated on a high plateau it is well known for its huge expanses of rugged terrain, from grassland steppe to desert and also for the nomadic way of life that still persists away from the towns and cities. Trekking in Mongolia is a special experience and likely to be an unforgettable one as well.


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