Interesting Places to Visit in Canada

Interesting Places to Visit in Canada


The North American country of Canada is a well loved favourite of many a traveller. With big and beautiful cities, the Rocky Mountains and Niagara Falls to boast of, its not really that surprising.

If you’re planning on visiting Canada anytime soon, be it on a walking holiday in the stunning landscape that it holds or a sightseeing tour of the country, we’ve listed some of the most interesting places to visit whilst you’re here.


Quebec City  

On arrival into Quebec City you could be fooled into thinking you’d jumped on a plane and landed in Europe, with beautiful cobbled streets and awe inspiring cathedrals, coffee shops with pastries and freshly baked bread galore.

If you love looking at old castles and towering fortresses then head for Old Quebec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the only walled city north of Mexico, this place has so much charm.

A short day trip from Quebec City brings you to Montmorency Falls, the 272 foot beautiful waterfall does attract a fair share of tourists in the summer months but it is definitely worth a visit, the sheer height of the waterfall will amaze you. If it is winter then you’ll be able to take in the beauty of this site without all of the other people, just the peace and quiet of nature alongside the tumbling water.

Terrase Dufferin is another great day trip from Quebec City, this public park has spectacular views of the St Lawrence River. There are guided tours if you want to learn more about the history of this place, or just take a stroll around in your own time. During the summer months you’ll find lots of people and street performers dotted about, winter is quieter but often has a toboggan to ride.



If you’re visiting Canada then don’t miss out on Toronto, the country’s largest city which has everything to offer from museums and galleries to the Entertainment District offering the latest musicals and performing arts.

Toronto is a vibrant city with a real buzz about it.

Visiting the Royal Ontario Museum makes for a  great day out and has an international reputation for excellence. The museum contains collections covering a great variety of periods from all over the world.

When you arrive you won’t fail to notice the CN Tower, standing at 553 meters it dwarfs everything in sight. If you fancy heading up the tower you can take a trip up to one of the observation areas which provide stunning views of the city and beyond, or even have some lunch at the restaurant whilst you admire the view.


Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is the largest island off the West Coast of the North American continent and if you’re visiting Canada it’s a great place to head for. Travel to the island by ferry and soak up the gorgeously quaint city of Victoria, the surf town of Tofino and the untouched wilderness in the North.

Head for the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve for some beautiful fresh air and immerse yourself in the natural surroundings. In the summer months you can soak up the sun on the endless sandy beaches and in the winter hear the waves crashing onto the shore. There are also loads of amazing walking opportunities in this area.


Prince Edward Island

If you’re visiting Canada then Prince Edward Island is a lovely spot to pop on the itinerary. This is one of Canada’s eastern maritime provinces and offers red sand beaches, lighthouses and farmland a plenty.

Expect long balmy beach days and exquisite seafood – some of the best you’ll ever eat according to the locals.

Charlottetown is the largest city on the Prince Edward Island and has lots to offer.  


Niagara Falls

The world famous Niagara Falls is a series of three utterly awe-inspiring and powerful waterfalls situated on the border between Canada and the US.

Although this is not an experience you’ll have alone due to the vast amount of other tourists there to see the falls, the many restaurants, viewing points and daily firework displays, if you are visiting Canada you still shouldn’t miss this stunning natural attraction.

A great place to view the falls from is the Ontario side in Queen Victoria Park where the falls are illuminated by night and you’ll catch a wonderful firework display.


Banff National Park

Last and by no means least is Banff National Park which was actually Canada’s first national park and probably the most visited in the country.

The beautiful scenery draws people here and the large concentration of wildlife is incredible. If you’re lucky you may spot grizzly bears, black bears, moose, wolves, bison and even bald eagles.

If you do head to Banff National Park when visiting Canada you can expect to be surrounded by the Canadian Rockies, forest, valleys and many happy tourists who come to ski in the winter and go trekking during the summer months.



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