How to best view Niagara Falls

However commercialised Niagara Falls has become, it is still a magnificent waterfall that has to be seen to be believed and a trip to the falls will still leave you awe struck at its size and power.

3160 tons of water flows over Niagara Falls every single second, it is almost unimaginable, just one minute spent looking at the falls and you’ll have seen the equivalent of 60 Olympic sized swimming pools flowing over the edge.

So where are the best places to see the falls, we investigate below.


Rainbow Bridge

This is the bridge that connects Canada to New York and it offers an absolutely amazing view of Niagara Falls. You can drive or walk over for a small charge and walking comes highly recommended since you’ll want to take your time to soak up the view.

This is a border pass so you will need your passport!

You’ll get a real sense of the falls as they thunder down from Rainbow Bridge.


Niagara Gorge Trail

If you love to walk in nature and would like to incorporate this into seeing Niagara Falls then definitely head out on a Niagara gorge trail. There are a series of routes that run parallel to the falls and offer different ways to see it in all of its glory. The trails vary in difficulty with some even closing during the winter months because they are too dangerous.

Trails at the top have good paths and can easily be walked in any type of footwear, wheres as the Gorge trails are pretty rugged and require sturdy footwear and a little more experience.

The area is home to poison ivy which can be avoided by sticking to the marked trails.


Cave of the Winds

If you want to get up close and personal with Niagara Falls then the Cave of the Winds will certainly allow that. You’ll jump into an elevator which takes you 175 feet down down into the Niagara Gorge and onto a series of wooden walkways along to the Hurricane Deck where you are within feet of the falls and can feel the full intensity just like tropical storm conditions, it is quite an experience and you may well get wet!

During the winter months certain parts of this attraction close for safety reasons but you can still take a shortered version of the trip.

This is built for tourists and can of course get quite busy, but it is a really wonderful way of getting a clear and close view of Niagara Falls.


Maid of the Mist

Fancy jumping on a boat to see the magnificence of Niagara Falls? Head for Maid of the Mist, and know for sure that you are going to get soggy!

The boat captains have been navigating these mighty waters for over 100 years and have a wealth of knoweldge.

As you ride in the rocky waters towards the thunder of the water falling will amaze you. Feel mist flying off the crashing water  and understand the power of the falls. Being on the water is simply the best, most amazing way to experience the falls if you want to be right in the action.


Three Sisters Islands

Three Sisters Islands link to Goat Island by walking bridges and offer a really unique view of Niagara Falls and of the rapids as they race for the falls.

These islands are located approximately 500 yards east of the Horseshoe Falls along the southeast side of Goat Island.

Each island supports a variety of micro-habitats and has its own character. You can walk over the connecting bridges between the islands and see the water pick up speed as it heads for the falls.


Goat Island

Goat Island is  a small island in the Niagara River which makes for an amazing viewpoint of the falls.

A pedestrian bridge crosses the American rapids just about at the brink of Niagara Falls which leads to a paved trail that loops the island. You can also drive onto Goat Island for a small charge.

There is a large upper viewing deck offering a panoramic view of the Horeseshoe and American Falls, the Niagara river below and of Canada across the Gorge.

There is also a lower viewing area which is closed in the winter months but during the spring and summer leads to Bridal Veil Falls.



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