The most Romantic Places to spend Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and with festive cheer and happiness in the air what better time than now to have a break away with your loved one. But where are the most romantic places to spend christmas? Have a read of our favourites below.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna in Austria is everything you could imagine a traditional christmas to be, with an abundance of christmas markets, mulled wine aplenty, christmas lights twinkling and even snow if you’re lucky.
Spend your time wondering through the crisp Vienna woods and city parks and soak up the festive atmosphere at the christmas markets where you’ll likely pick up some presents too.
There are many beautiful hotels for special getaways you won’t struggle to find one you’ll love.

Kauai, Hawaii

New York City, New York

It certainly wouldn’t feel right not to mention New York City when writing about the most romantic places to spend christmas. New York does christmas like no other. Obviously it is essential to visit the Bryant Park Festival Village where christmas basically comes alive. Expect a huge ice rink, shopping stall, food and drinks vendors, christmas lights, music and much merriment!
There isn’t a more romantic sight than the Rockefeller Centre christmas tree which averages 76 feet in height and has around 45 thousand bulbs illuminating it and making it quite a breathtaking sight.
A final must do is Paul Winter’s Winter Solstice Celebration, a none religious festive celebration set in St John’s Cathedral, the largest in New York City which holds a real elegance and beauty. This festive celebration makes a wonderfully romantic evening and will definitely get your christmas smiles beaming.

Lapland, Finland

At christmas time in Finland the daylight doesn’t last for long and the stars and lanterns light the sky. Family plays a huge part in life here, especially at christmas time and people come together for cosy traditional chritsmas celebrations in their homes.
Lapland itself is a winter wonderland! Imagine husky rides, cosy log cabins, thick, deep snow everywhere and if you are really very lucky, a glimpse of the northern lights. Now how could this not be one of the most romantic places to spend christmas?
No christmas visit to Lapland, Finland would be complete without a trip to Santa Park in Rovaniemi. This place needs to be seen to be believed –  a magical christmas park with elf school, santas office, shows, spas, restaurants and so much more.

Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg is best known for its stunning christmas markets – if you are a fan of a good browse around markets then you will not be disappointed. This place is absolutely magical, imagine chestnuts roasting, gingerbread baking, and mulled wine being served. These markets are hugely traditional and are just bustling and buzzing with christmas excitement. Even if you didn’t go here to shop but to just wander around and soak up the atmosphere you would have a brilliant time.
The city itself has a very romantic feel with many beautiful hotels to choose from to relax after your day out exploring.

We love time this of the year and with so many perfect christmas destinations it’s hard to pick just a few! We hope our selection of romantic places to spend christmas has inspired you to treat your loved one to a break away and to soak up the magic of Christmas.


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