Which Countries Should you Visit to Find the World’s Greatest Breakfast?


Us walkers like to start the day with a great breakfast to give us energy for the day ahead and set us off on a good footing, so when we are travelling our beautiful planet on foot it is always nice to be in places that offer great food. Walking burns 65-100 calories per hour and so keeping our bellies full is of the upmost importance!


We’ve scoured the globe and found the countries that have amazing food on offer, to bring you a guide to the worlds greatest breakfast destinations.



Vast quantities of food rather than great food probably springs to mind when you think of America, but when it comes to breakfast they really know what they’re doing state side.

Favourites include eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, home fries or/and piles of deliciously covered pancakes. Head for any cafe and you’ll be treated to an awesome brekfast.



Australians love to ‘brunch’ (essentially a late breakfast) and really do it well with gorgeous cafes scattered across their beautiful coastline offering healthy and delicious breakfast options.

Try an acai bowl, these beautifully presented and supremely healthy bowls of deliciousness contain pureed fruit, granola, nuts, dried coconut and whatever else you fancy throwing into the mix.

The other staple Aussie favourite is vegemite on toast, they are a nation obsessed.



If you’ve spend anytime in Japan or indeed the whole of Asia you’ll know that there is a lot of great food in this region of the world. When it comes to their breakfast style it can take a little getting used to but once you’ve got there, you’ll love the savoury breakfasts on offer.

Japan love to serve up a miso soup with rice and boiled fish but there are plenty of variations and it will set you up for a days hiking for sure.



France is the land of great food and beautiful patisseries selling all manor of heavenly baked goods that will fulfil your breakfast cravings.

The French generally choose to eat smaller portions than a lot of us in the West (probably why the French are known to be quite a slim nation) but the tastes will delight your taste buds in the morning.



We can’t talk about breakfast and not include the infamous Full English! A hearty meal usually served with some variation of the following; sausage, bacon, egg, baked beans, hashbrowns, toast, black pudding, mushrooms and tomatoes.

A greasy spoon style cafe that might not look all that alluring will usually serve up the best full English and if you’ve over indulged on the tipple the night before this will get your right back on track with its heavy grease factor. If you have a big hiking day ahead though think about giving your body some time to digest this heavy breakfast before making tracks, you’ll definitely have some energy though!



The Turkish love to eat breakfast and they go full throttle for it. Expect to have a lot of plates in front of you containing delights such as feta, tomato, cucmber, toast, cherry jame, spicy Turkish sausage and Turkish tea. Delicious.



Breakfast in Venezuela is all about salt, statch, meat, fruit and cheese and usually includes Arepas (like a bread made of ground maize dough or cooked flour) filled with butter and salty cheese, an assortment of meats, chicken and avacado salad, eggs and beans.

If that doesn’t sound like a good start to the day I don’t know what does.



And last but by no means least we come to Italy, the home of great food and the nation who (as you would expect) place the highest of importance on their coffee at breakfast.

Alongside the main coffee event you can usually find bread rolls with butter and jam or a croissant. Simple and tasty.



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