The best snacks to pack for a long hike

Hiking long distances for long periods of time uses up our bodies energy supplies fast and there is nothing worse than getting that exhausted feeling right in the middle of a days hike.

The best way to combat these lows is to pack snacks that will give your body the fuel and kick that it needs to power on through.

These are some of our favourites.


Trail Mix


Trail mix is rammed full of nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chunks and breakfast cereals and eating it is a sure fire way to pick yourself up and keep on your way.

The carbohydrates give you the quick boost that you need and the nuts will give you the sustaining energy to keep going for long periods of time – a great hiking snack.


Nuts and Seeds

Nuts are super rich in fat and protein calories which will keep your body going for longer periods of time.

You can’t go wrong with almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, walnuts and cashews. Fresh nuts are by the far the best and most healthy for you so stick to these.


Energy Bars

Energy bars are a great fix if you are really lagging behind and need a super quick pick me up. They usually contain ingredients that will give you that quick lift that you are looking for, whilst also having some slow releasing foods in there to give you prolonged energy. They are also usually pretty delicious, pick some up to have as your hiking snack.


Granola/Granola Bars

Eating granola or granola bars whilst hiking is a great idea. The oats  are full of iron and fibre, the nuts are a great source of fat and protein and its also pretty filling so you’ll feel satisfied. Take some granola in a little pouch or opt for the granola bar option to make life easier.


Fruit/Vegetable Puree

If you are hiking for just a day then make a little fruit salad in a pot, healthy, delicious and the fruit in the sugar will prove to be a great pick me up.

If you are hiking for multiple days though fruit is not going to keep well and there aren’t many things more horrible than a squished up bananas in your rucksack. In this case why not pre-blend some vegetables and fruit and put it in a pouche (a little like baby food!) it will proved a tasty snack for along the way.


Canned Fish


Fish is an excellent source of protein which can really help your muscle soreness from the long days spent hiking. Packing tins is the easiest ways to consume fish whilst walking, just don’t forget a tin-opener!




Obviously but ESSENTIAL. You must make sure you have water on you at all times. You just never know where the next water stop might be and you really, really don’t want to run out of water. Your body can cope without food for much longer periods of time than it can water, after all we are made of around 60% water.


Homemade Power Cookies


If you are super organised then why not make your own power cookies the day before a hike? You can fill them full of the things you love, plus the things you know to be good for energy levels and they won’t contain all of those nasty preservatives that shop bought bars will be packed with.




Bananas are an amazing fruit to take along on a hike and as so deserve their own personal mention. They give you an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. However the practicalities are a little more difficult; they go black and horrible very quickly and are super hard to transport. Your best bet is to pack a couple for day one and give up for the rest of the trip.




And last but by no means least you simply have to pack marshmellows for the evening campfires. Toast these gorgeous little fluffy treats after dinner as you sit and talk about what the next day has in store.


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