Essential Items To Pack For A Walking Holiday

Essential Items To Pack For A Walking Holiday

Packing for a walking holiday is a little different to packing for your usual beach getaway or city break. Rather than spending your time relaxing, soaking up some sun and enjoying the views you’re jetting off on an active holiday that requires previous preparation and careful planning.

The last thing you need is to arrive at your destination, wherever that may be on the planet, to find you don’t have the essentials needed to make your walking holiday enjoyable and successful.


Although it is going to vary depending on where in the world you are going, what the terrain is like that you’ll be walking on, what the country or regions climate is like and what time of year you are going to be embarking upon your walking holiday, we have brainstormed our top tips for packing and have come up with this list of essential items to pack for a walking holiday.


Comfortable Walking Boots/Shoes

Comfortable walking boots simply HAVE to top the list of items to pack for a walking holiday, without these you are not going to be able to cover any distance, your walking dreams will be shattered and you’ll have very sore feet when you do attempt to hike.

Choose shoes for the climate, terrain and weather that you think you’ll experience, do prior research.

Make sure to wear your walking shoes in BEFORE you jet off on your walking holiday or even the very best shoes will give you grief if they haven’t been softened prior.



Even if you are heading to a destination that you expect to be super hot and dry it is always a good idea to pack waterproofs because even the hottest countries do experience rain and there is nothing worse than walking in soggy clothes which can cause chaffing and general discomfort.

Pick light rain gear that can be folded up really small and popped into your bag.



The best advice when it comes to clothing is layers. Although you’ll want to travel light, particularly if you aretaking a flight to your walking holiday, layers will always be crucial.

Even hot climates by day can cool considerably by night.

Layers are a great way of keeping warm and you can easily peel off a layer if you feel too warm.


A Hat

Whether you’ll be trekking in the beautiful hot sunshine, or hiking in the freezing cold, a hat is always a useful thing to pack.

During hot spells when the sun is beating down your hat will keep you cool by keeping the sun off your face and of course when its cold a hat will stop you losing heat from your head and keep you nice and toasty.


A Day Back Pack

This may sound obvious but we have often come across people who have been super organised, packed everything they could need into their suitcase ready for their walking holiday and have then forgotten to pack their day back pack and end up having to buy a new one. This is an expensive mistake to make!

Think about using your day back pack (if its an acceptable size) as your carry on luggage if you have a flight to save having to pack a bag into a bag!


Lots of Comfortable Socks

Whatever the weather you are going to need lots of pairs of sock for a walking holiday. If socks get wet or sweaty there is far more chance of your walking boots rubbing so its a good idea to change your socks regularly.

IsoCool is a highly breathable material which has been made to maximise the wicking of moisture away from the body whilst regulating temperature, so these socks are a good choice.

Merino Wool is also a popular choice. This natural fibre is well known for its warmth and soft feel against the skin.

Wool is the most common material used for hiking socks and is ideal for all types of walking. Wool walking socks are particularly suited to more strenuous hikes and colder temperatures.


First Aid Kit

Fingers crossed nothing is going to happen that requires a first aid kit whilst you are on your walking holiday, but you should never assume this. Pack a good first aid kit with all of the essentials for peace of mind. Even if you don’t get hurt fellow walkers might and you can help them out.


Reusable Water Bottle

Many of us don’t think to pack our reusable water bottle when we go on a walking holiday but if you don’t then you’ll end up spending lots of money on disposable plastic bottles of water, and with many walkers placing a large focus on environmental issues, the guilt that will come with buying single-use plastic won’t sit well either.


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