6 Reasons to Start the New Year With a Walk

6 Reasons to Start the New Year With a Walk


We’ve eaten, drank, danced, laughed and celebrated our way through the festive period and now its the new year and time to look forward.

Starting off with a new year walk is a great way to blow away those cobwebs, get your body moving, calories burned and your mind fresh and ready for the coming year.

Here are six great reasons to get into the great outdoors and take a stroll.


1.Even those of us with the best of intentions end up overeating/drinking at christmas. It’s all part of the fun and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it, but it’s always good to be mindful of this in the new year and think about ways to drop those calories and get active again.

Walking burns between 65 and 100 calories per mile depending on your walking speed and your weight which means you can definitely shift any extra pounds that may have been gained. Walking is also a great way to burn calories without even realising that you’re doing it since you don’t have the mundaneness of going to the gym or sitting on a spin bike, you’re out in the world enjoying the scenery and fresh air.


2.Walking isn’t just great for your physical health it’s fantastic for your mental health too. Regular walking can improve self-esteem, mood and sleep quality. It can also reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue. So if you’re feeling a little lazy and tired after all of the celebrations, all the more reason to pull on your walking boots and get out and about for a nice new year walk.


3.Physically walking is great for your body, and not just for its fat burning qualities. It can also lower your blood pressure, strengthen your bones and muscles, and can prevent certain conditions like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


4.Walking can be a great time to practice mindfulness, which calms the mind and brings us into the present moment, the only real moment that exists. Whilst walking switch off your phone and just look around you, take in the views, the plants and flowers you might see, notice what the weather’s doing, what the temperature is like, is the ground muddy underfoot… all of these things will pull you right into the moment that you are living in and bring a great sense of mindfulness to your new year walk.

5.Walking can be a really sociable activity. If you’re catching up with a friend this new year, don’t hit the pub, suggest a nice new year walk. You can chat, discuss what you got up to for christmas or what scandal happened at the christmas party, whilst getting some beautiful fresh air in your lungs, exercising your body and clearing your mind.

You’ll find other walkers that you come into contact with are usually really friendly too and will say hi or stop for a chat, you never know you may even make new friends.

6.On the flip side you could also use your new year walk as a time to get some headspace, be on your own and have some time out. Perhaps you’ve been surrounded by friends and family for the whole of the festive period and just need some alone time, a walk can work wonders for this. Why not stroll up a hill and chill at the top taking in the view and mull over your own thoughts in peace and quiet. Alternatively a woodland walk is always super peaceful and you’ll feel really in touch with nature as you wander through the forest, hearing the woodland animals and smelling the forest scents.


Do you mind, body and soul a favour this new year and start with a gorgeous new year walk, be it long or short, fast or slow, alone or with company, you really can’t go wrong and will feel like a million dollars for doing it. Enjoy!


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