Hiking in Hong Kong



Aside from the skyscapers, bustling streets, delicious food and amazing shopping, Hong Kong is surprisingly great for walking.

Locals spend a lot of time hiking in Hong Kong and discovering new and amazing routes which often follow beautiful tracks and have stunning panoramic views.

The public transport in Hong Kong is brilliant and pretty inexpensive meaning you can pick linear routes and easily get back to where ever you are staying once you have finished.


We look at our favourites below:


The Dragons Back


If you go hiking in Hong Kong then you will certainly hear about this route, its one of the most popular and rightly so since it is relatively easy but has incredible views so you don’t have to work too hard to be mind blown by the Hong Kong scenery.

You can fit this walk into a morning or afternoon which begins with some steps through Cape Collison Cemmetry and is then a one to two hour hike along the ridge overlooking southern Hong Kong Island


Sunset Peak


Sunset Peak is the second highest mountain on Lantau Island and the sunsets have to be seen to be believed, so if you are sun worshipper then you will simply adore this route. The hike starts with a steep climb and the route is labelled as moderate to difficult so be prepared. Hang in there though because after half an hour of walking you’ll be treated to sensational views.

The route up passes by fields of grasses which are quite unusual for the Hong Kong landscape, little stone huts dotting the ridge and views pretty much all of the way.

Keep in mind that once the sun sets it gets dark very quickly so don’t take this route at dusk unless you are confident of the route, and remember to take flash lights along.


Sharp Peak


As far as hiking in Hong Kong goes, this ones a challenge! Aptly named, it has sharp bends and steep climbs. There are three ways to tackle this peak, from the North, East and South ridges with the north being the most difficult and the south the least,

The climb may be difficult but you will be rewarded with ridiculously good views.

Be sure to pick good walking shoes for this hike, the roads are loose gravel and they are tough, there are also parts where you have to clamber with your hands so get some decent thick hiking gloves to protect them.


Tai Long Wan


The northern end of Sai Kung Peninsula has some great walking routes including the Tai Long Wan trail which starts at the end of Sai Wan Road and passes through beautiful coves. The walk takes up to six hours and if you don’t choose the weekend to walk you might even find you have the whole trail to yourself, how wonderful is that?


Lamma Island


This i a great choice if you are hiking in Hong Kong with your family since its an easy going trail that is perfect for all ability levels. The highest point on this route is about 100m above sea level so there aren’t any hugely unexpected climbs.

To reach the start of the trail jump on a ferry from Central ferry pier 4.

The trail will take you along the coast and has wonderful sweeping views of Hung Shing Yeh beach and the fishing rafts of Shing village, its a very picturesque walk.

At the end of the trail you’ll arrive at the rustic buildings and fishing rafts of Sok Kwu Wan village. Treat yourself to some seafood from the restaurants on stilts over the water before you jump back on the ferry.



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