The Best Places to See the Sun Set and Rise Around the World

As a species we are draw to the sun, we yearn for sunny, warm days and are usually at our happiest when the sun is shining, the sky is blue and we can mooch around in light clothes and sandals.

With this in mind it makes sense that we get such a kick from seeing that beautiful yellow ball of fire in the sky rise in the morning and set at the end of each day.

We often go out of our way to find the best spots to witness these daily events and gain a real sense of positivity and wellbeing when we see the sun rise and fall in all of its glory.

So where are some of the best places in the world to watch the sun set and rise?


Santornini, Greece

There is something incredibly magical about Santornini in Greece, and sunset is just about the most stunning time of day here.

The white washed building almost reflect the suns rays as it dips down into the beautiful ocean below giving spectators a really divine experience.

The village of Oia has one of the best views of the sunset on the island and other great spots to see the sun go down are Skaros Rock at Imerovigil and the Akrotiri lighthouse.

2.On Safari in Kenya

If you are lucky enough to go on safari in Kenya then make sure your guide allows you to hang around in the bush until the sun sets. If you are on a trip that offers sundowners (drinks and nibbles as the sun goes down) then find a spot, grab your drink and just take in the views because there is something so special about an African sunset.

Humans are drawn to Africa with many calling it the continent that we all derived from, and as you watch the sunset over the African bush you will feel a profound sense of nature all around you.

Amsterdam Bar, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Thailands Koh Phangan has gotten itself a bad rep over the years but head away from the crowds of the full moon party and you’ll find some absolute gems.

Our favourite spot to watch the sunset is the Amsterdam Bar located on the West Coast of the island it sits up on the hillside. A simple structure with a bar, reggae music, some scatter cushions and very friendly owners, this bar offers sensational views of the sun dropping into the ocean and you’ll share the experience with other like-minded travellers.

The Arctic Circle, Alaska

Its hard to know whether to put this one in the sunset or sunrise category, the Arctic Circle in Alaska is home to the midnight sun.

If you’ve always wondered what it is like to experience 24hours of daylight then head this way.

There are trips out of Fairbanks into the Arctic Circle to see the ‘sunset’ which is quite a magical experience.

As the sun head towards the horizon it would appear just like any other sunset that you’ve seen, but the sun doesn’t actually dip below the horizon, it almost bounces back up into the sky ready to start another day. One for the bucket list we think.


Adams Peak, Sri Lanka

If you are feeling active then take on the Adams Peak challenge and see one of the most memorable sunrises of your life.

Start the ascent in the middle of the night since it will take a couple of hours to complete depndning on your speed.

Along the way you will walk up over 5500 steps passing tea rooms, giant Buddha statues and many locals making the pilgrimage.

The steps get very steep as you approcah the top of the mountain and temperatures quickly drop so be sure to pack layers for the top.

Then wait for the sun to burst over the horizon to take in the unbelivable views all around you.

Stone Henge, England

Stonehenge is one of the worlds most famous monuments built hundreds of years ago. The stones have been aligned to the sun so that as the sun rises it passes through the giant stones and is just such a beautiful sight.

An annual festival of the summer solstice takes places but they also offer sunrise tours during the warmer months.

This is a truely peaceful experience and as you watch the sun come up you will, like many who have been there before you, question how humans got these stones to the sight hundreds of years ago and just why they did it.

Haleakala National Park, Hawaii

Haleakalā National Park is on the Hawaiian island of Maui. It’s home to the dormant Haleakalā Volcano, the park seems to have an energy that encompasses stories of ancient and modern Hawaiian culture and protects the bond between the land and its people.

Watching the sunrise above the clouds in this National Park is so special.

You do need to be prepared as you won’t be the only ones wanting to see this special daily event and reservations need to be made if you are coming in a vechile.

Although this won’t be a personal experience, you will see other people doing just the same thing as you, it really is a truely beautfiul sight.


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