Why You’ll Miss The Seasons If You Move To A Hot Country

Those of us who live in the UK often yearn to live in a country with a sunnier climate, we adore our annual jaunts to the sunshine and wish that we could live out our days on sun drenched beaches with mild winters.

As with everything in life the reality might be just what you are looking for, but is often much more romantic in our minds.

There are many things that you don’t realise you’d miss when you pack your bags and move your life to sunnier shores, and one of the huge things is the seasons. You soon come to realise that the familiarity and traditions that come with each season in your home country are comforting and are really quite ingrained in you.



When you live in a country that has a mild climate all year round you find that the seasons are pretty much split by summer and winter. The baking hot months and the cooler months, depending where in the world you move to you may also have wet seasons and monsoon seasons.

With that in mind Spring is a thing of the past. Spring in the UK is a simply marvellous time of the year, winters here are long, cold and dark and spring sees bright flowers popping up, the sun almost waking up the countryside from hibernation.

People are usually feeling really happy and positive during Spring with the sunny summer days in mind. Its a lovely time of year.



Ok so the summer in the UK isn’t all balmy sunshine and endless beach days, we do have cooler days, we do have rain some week, but its still summer and its still fantastic..

Beer gardens fill up with happy revelers, there are festivals on everysingle weekend, the beaches fill up with visitors and the countryside is awash with flowers, plants and wildlife.

When the sun really does shine you won’t find a happier place to be, we revel in the heat and appreciate every second, because we don’t know when we will get it again!



Autumn was oddly one of the seasons I missed the most when living overseas, without realising it when I lived in the UK, Autumn is a beautiful time of year. Yes its always a little sad saying goodbye to summer and the promise of those bleak winter months ahead can be a hard pill to swallow, but there is something quite magical about Autumn.

The winter coats and woolly scarfs get dragged from out the back of cossets, smoke plumes can be seen billowing from beautiful little stone cottages in the countryside as people start lighting fires, and there are some special events that make is really quite exciting.

Bonfire night brings the crowds out into the chilly evening air, Halloween sees children all around the country getting dressed up and hitting the streets for trick or treating and then thoughts turn to Christmas.

There is a real atmosphere around this time of year that just can’t be explained, its something we’ve all grown up with and have come to love over the years and you won’t realised quite how much you’ll miss it until you are gone.



This is the month that most of us start planning our grand escape to the sun to lead our new expat life, post Christmas months can be a little depressing but the lead up to Chistmas is simply magical and it is honestly not ever the same when you are living in the sunshine.

The misty mornings, the promise of snow, the mulled wine and cosy English pubs; there is nothing quite like these very English traditions and you really won’t find any replacement for them anywhere in the world.



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