The Best Books to Read Before a Walking Holiday

The Best Books to Read Before a Walking Holiday

World Walks has been dedicated to the creation and organisation of walking holidays for well over a decade. We know the best places to enjoy the great outdoors, from the UK to across the globe. To prepare you for one of our walking holidays, we have put together the best books to read before you embark on your journey.

The Great Ocean Walk – Down Under by Bill Bryson


World Walks provides a self-guided walking Australian experience. The Great Ocean Road has some of the most spectacular coastal views in this area of Australia. For those of you wanting to prepare for an experience Down Under, or enjoy an insightful read about the country you’re in, after a long day’s walk, then purchase Bill Bryson’s Down Under. Witty and bang on topic, Bryson explores all the wonders, delights and dangers that Australia has to offer. A must read for this walking holiday!

Austria – The Story of The Trapp Family Singers by Maria Augusta Trapp


You don’t get more Austrian than this! This book is the story that inspired the well known musical ‘The Sound of Music’. The Von Trapp family lived close to Salzburg, an area where you can enjoy the mountains and lakes on our walking holiday in the Salzburg Peaks and almost imagine yourself in the story. The book details the musical journey of the family as well as describing the landscape, customs and culture of Austria. This a great read for anyone intending to visit Austria and the Salzburg area in particular.

Crete, Greece – Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis


Crete, as the largest and most mountainous of the Greek islands, is an excellent place for a walking holiday. With a pleasant climate and variety of scenery and vegetation, a holiday here also allows you the chance to appreciate the rich history dating back thousands of years. In this fictional novel, the author explores the friendship between the Narrator and Zorba, an eccentric character. However, the author was born in Crete and it is his descriptions of the sea, food and culture that will really give you a feel for the magic of Crete.

Tuscany, Italy – Under the Tuscan Sun; At Home in Italy by Frances Mayes


World Walks offers a few walks in Tuscany, whether it’s south to Siena or North of Siena towards Chianti, this is an area of rolling hills, gold and green set against blue skies, vineyards and historical towns with their super churches and abbeys. This book charts the author’s experience of renovating a holiday home in Tuscany and it’s a great read for anyone visiting the area, as the author writes about the pace of life, architecture, food and landscapes that you would no doubt enjoy in the Tuscany region.

West Highland Way, Scotland – A year in the life of Glencoe by Bill Birkett


As you will experience the beauty of Glencoe on your walk along the west Highland Way, it would be fitting to read about the area as you relax after your days walking or, perhaps to inspire you before embarking to this spectacular area of Britain. The author, a photographer and climber, takes you on a photographic journey through the raw beauty of the Glencoe landscape, that showcases the rugged nature of the mountains, wildlife and glens throughout the seasons, giving a walker in the area an interesting perspective on their surroundings.


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