The Best Unusual Holiday Destinations for 2018

If you’ve been saving hard and have put away some money for your holiday this year then you’ll want to choose somewhere special to spend your hard earned cash, so why not think about picking a more unusual holiday destination this year and letting your inner explorer have some fun.

Take a look at some our fabulous suggestions below.


Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago

On Myanmar’s southern coast you’ll find the Mergui Archipelago, an undiscovered beauty spot that will fulfil desert island cravings with its unbeliveably clear waters and beautiful sand beaches.

It is actually made up of around 800 islands, each as deserted and beautiful as the next. To visit these islands you’ll need to hop onto a guided tour and watch out for the Moken people who are the only humans to live on these islands and are also known as Salone or Sea Gypsies. They have a great connection with the ocean, many being able to free-dive to incredible depths.

If you feel like getting away from the world for a while then this is the trip for you.



Lofoten Islands

Norway’s Lofoten Islands are the adventure of all adventures and are a perfect holiday destination for the whole family.

With majestic mountains, breataking fjords, stunning beaches and an abundance of wildlife they are an absolute treat to visit, and if you are lucky enough you may even witness the Northern Lights.

Between late May and mid July you can see the midnight sun as the sun merely bounces off the horizon, never going down.

Fishing is huge here and there are many small fishing villages to visit and simply divine sea food if that’s your thing.

Kayak around the islands, surf the ocean waves, hike the beautiful countryside and basically just get back to nature on these islands.



Alberobello, Italy
Italy is a country that travellers can’t fail to fall in love with time and time again and if you head away from some of the more popular tourist areas you’ll stumble across some gorgeous non-touristy places.
We love Alberobello in the region of Puglia in Southern Italy which has been a UNESCO heritage site because of its districts containing ‘trulli’.
Trulli are unusual and beautiful houses that are white-washed and have conical roofs and are really very sweet to see nestled together.
If you plan to stay in this area then definitely think about hiring your own trullo to stay in.

Wander about the Rione Monti area and stop to look in the little trinket souvenir shops along the way.




Papua New Guinea, Southern Highlands

If challenge and adventure are calling then this is a brillaint trip for you. Papua New Guinea lies in the southwestern Pacific and is often know for its beautiful beaches and coral reefs, but head away from the beach and you’ll find the mountains and rainforest.
The southern Highlands contain lush, high valleys sandwiched between towering limestone peaks and are really not very touristy yet, so if getting off the beaten track is your thing you will love it here.

The people of the southern Highlands are still very traditional and relatively untouched by outside influence which is wonderful to experience in today’s connected world.
Tradition is still a huge way of life here with regular rituals and ceremonies being held and men and women wearing wearing traditional dress whilst going about their everyday lives.

Trek Mount Giluwe, visit Lake Kutubu and see the butterflies and birds of paradise or head for the town of Mendi and visit their coilourful weekend markets.






Madagascar is a country like no other, containg 5% of the entire worlds wildlife, unexplored nature at its finest, sun-soaked beaches on one side and tropical rainforest on the other, its an explorers paradise just waiting for you to visit.
Situated off the south east coast of Africa it is the fourth largest island in the world and has developed in isolation from the rest of the world explaining its large quantities of endemic species of animales and plants.
Village life here is ruled by traditonal beliefs and the people are very proud of their island.

Whilst here be sure to visit the beaches, some of the most beautiful you will have ever seen and although resorts are still pretty new here you’ll still find great places to stay.
Go and track lemur’s that hang out in National Parks, they are a beautiful creature that very few people are lucky enough to see in the wide.
Visit the ‘avenue of Boabs’ – an unusual but beautiful tree that is native to Madagascar
Dive the awe-inspiring reefs around the island.
Walk the tropical rainforest, soak up the rich wildlife and take in the views from Peak Boby if you are feeling like a challenge, they are utterly beautiful.


Enjoy your 2018 travels wherever they may take you, get out there are experience our truly amazing planet then let us know where you went and how it was, we love new travel inspiration and never tire of listening to other travellers stories.









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