The Most Beautiful Hiking Spots in Switzerland

The Most Beautiful Hiking Spots in Switzerland

Crystal clear glaciers, snow-capped mountain peaks and sparkling lakes define the country of Switzerland. The country is known for having some of the best hiking territory in the world, and boasts hundreds of kilometres of outstanding walking routes. Here we offer up some inspiration for those hikers considering a trip to Switzerland. No matter where you travel, walkers are surrounded by snowcapped mountains, picture-perfect villages, and bucolic landscapes. But what are the most beautiful hikes a walking enthusiast can enjoy?

1. Graubünden and the Splügen Pass

This hike begins in Thusis, over the spectacular Splügen Pass, then on to Chiavenna in Italy. The 65 kilometre route follows the former main trading route from Thusis into Domleschg in Graubunden. The hike moves through the dramatic Viamala — the most famous gorge on the Splügen route. The gorge is an incredibly impressive natural monument, with its rock walls rising up to 300 metres.

Splügen Pass.

2. Lavaux Vineyards

Swizterland’s wine-growing region is the ideal location for a dreamy summer hike. At over 800 hectares in size, the terraced vineyards of Lavaux form Switzerland’s largest vineyard region and in July 2007 Lavaux became one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The vineyards in Lavaux produce the Chasselas grape, which yields a white wine that’s crisp and definitely goes down easily. A hike in Lavaux has the added bonus of being able to stop at a vineyard for a delicious glass of wine at the end of the day.

3. The Matterhorn

If you’re in the Valais region of Switzerland then hiking the Matterhorn should be at the top of your list. One of the most iconic mountains in the world, the hike to its summit will take around 9-12 hours to complete and it’s a challenge. At 4,478 metres above seal level, the Matterhorn is one of the most challenging climbs in the Alps, but the spectacular views from the top make it all worth it. 3,000 people climb the Matterhorn each year.

The Swiss Alps.

4. Bachalpsee

The Jungfrau region is the most beautiful corner of Switzerland. Extraordinary panoramic views of beautiful green Alpine scenery fill the horizon. Although there are many hiking routes and trails to choose from, the Bachalpsee is the best. A stunning two-hour hike of 6 kilometres offers views of flowering alpine meadows and an azure blue lake. It such a popular route because walkers can enjoy views of an alpine Swiss lake after having only walked for an hour.

Picturesque view of Bachalpsee Lake.

5. Mount Titlis

Another great hike in Switzerland is found at Mount Titlis. This hike is one that’s recommended for winter walkers. Since the mountain stands 3,000 metres high, there are many routes and paths which you can choose from when you’re planning your ascent. The hikes on offer range from a short 30 minute walk to a more intense 3 hour climb. During the winter the alpine views on the mountain are even more spectacular. Snow-capped peaks and old-world charm make Mount Titlis a true alpine paradise.


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