5 of the Best Places in the World to Spend New Years Eve

When it comes to new years eve some of us love to celebrate in style and party the night away, others prefer to keep a low profile, shut themselves off indoors away from the crowds and enjoy close family and friends company, and some just like to go to bed and wake up refreshed in the new year.

If celebating is your thing then there are some wonderful parts of the world that go to town on new years eve, we talk about our five favourites below.


1.Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney may seem like the predictable choice when it comes to new years eve celebrations, but there is a reason for that; Sydney celebrates with style! It is one of the first parts of the world to see the new year in and has the most dazzling of firework displays in the iconic harbour. There are many bars, restaurants, parties and other venues that the fireworks can be viewed from and people get dressed up the nines and really party on into the night, you will be guaranteed a new years eve to remember


2.London Eye By Boat

Again a not particularly original new years eve idea, but vety, very cool none the less. Many people spend their night on the banks of the river Thames in London watching the world class fireworks fly off the London Eye and surrounding areas. Grabbing tickets to a boat party right in front of the fireworks is a great idea, you’ll secure yourself the best spot in the house, plenty of drinks, rest rooms and music, whilst everyone else squeezes onto the pavements, crammed in waiting for the fireworks to finish so that they can hit the pub.

Expect mad busy public transport getting to and from your venue, but at least you can relax once you’re on board.


3.Goa, India

If you fancy getting away from the cold, wet winter this new years eve (we really don’t blame you!) then why not consider Goa in India?

Goa is renowned for its new years eve beach parties, all along the coast you’ll find music, drinks, barefoot dancing on the sand in light summer clothes, sounds heavenly right now doesn’t it as we don our thermals, jumper, coat, umbrella and wellies. The biggest parties tend to be around Anjuna while the south has more intimate parties.

You may imagine that spending new years eve in Goa would mean shacking up in a tiny beach hut that’s open to the elements and local wildlife. You can of course find these kind of bungalows for a bargain price and for many of us it’s all part for the Goa experience, but if this just isn’t your thing then you will find plenty of nice, upmarket hotels to use as your base.


4.Berlin, Germany

Berlin has become one of the big party cities of the world, so don’t expect new years eve to be any different.

New years eve here is called Silvester and the main hub is the party mile that consists of a two kilometer stretch of bars, food stalls, video screens, laser shows, music stages, party tents, and many, many party goers. Once the midnight fireworks finish people flock to the many bars and clubs in the city and party on through the night.


5.Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the four main British Virgin Islands but hosts the most amazing of new year celebrations that bring people in from all over the Caribbean. Here on Jost Van Dyke it’s actually called ‘old new years eve’ and is celebrated with 48 hours of live music, drinking, eating, dancing and generally enjoying the moment.

Swimwear clad people party on down all night and are often found sleeping on the beach as the sun rises on a new year.

After the celebrations are done you can get some much needed rest and relaxation on this beautiful, idyllic island.


Happy christmas and happy new year to you all, may 2018 be filled with so much happiness, many fabulous walks and lots of world travel, cheers to that!


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