Step into Spring: The Top Spring Walks in Europe

Step into Spring: The Top Spring Walks in Europe

With Summer around the corner and Cherry Blossom blooming, this is the time of year to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. Like many things, nature and Spring weather are better appreciated on foot, in your own pace and your own time.

As your walking holidays experts, we’ve put together a list of the best Spring walks we offer in Europe, from volcanic tours in Sicily to the best Spring Walks in England.


Walk 1: Heart of the Cotswolds

One of the finest seasons in England is spring, the days get longer, brighter and sunnier as the winter gets left behind. The Cotswolds in particular is a beautiful place to be in spring. Fields and trees turn the landscape a lush green and flowers emerge, with the humming of bees and the bleating of lambs adding to the spring soundtrack; the rolling landscape truly comes to life in these months. This walk takes you through some of the most beautiful parts of The Cotswolds area, combining charming villages with attractive countryside, it’s a chance to pass through some of the finest English countryside on pleasant footpaths at a relaxed pace.

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Walk 2: Sicily, Mt.Etna and the Aeolian islands

There aren’t many places in Europe further South than Sicily and The Aeolian Islands, and you can be sure by the time Spring arrives that the weather will already be heating up here with plenty of sunshine on offer. With plenty of dramatic views on offer, walkers hydrofoil between islands in the archipelago and visit the volcanoes of Stromboli, Etna and the island of Vulcano. Black Sand beaches, towering volcanoes and rewarding hikes are all a part of this trip which is a great opportunity to see one of the most volcanic areas in Europe and explore some of it on foot.

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Walk 3: La Palma

La Palma is one of the less visited islands in The Canary Islands archipelago but a hidden gem. Known as La Isla Bonita, it’s as beautiful as it is dramatic with calderas and mountain ridges as well as pine forests and winding ancient pathways. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, La Palma rises steeply out of the sea and is home to one of the biggest calderas in the world. Although The Canary Islands are often a destination for winter sunseekers, La Palma comes to life in spring as the already pleasant climate gets a little warmer and the many fruit trees and flowers of the island bloom, evident through the colours and aromas. On your walking tour on this island, the variation in landscape and the views on offer are astounding as you pass through lava fields, forests and ridges.

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Walk 4.: The Channel Islands

Spring is a great time to explore The Channel Islands, being further south than the UK means the weather is likely to be a little warmer, and it is also the time of year when there are fantastic blooms of wildflowers to be seen on the islands. Beautiful sandy beaches, cliff top walks and woodland paths are all a part of walking through these pretty islands. They are also home to a rich history, from burial mounds and chapels to Mont Orgueill Castle, this group of three islands is certainly worth the trip.

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