Exploring Europe in Autumn: 5 of the Best French Hikes

Exploring Europe in Autumn: 5 of the Best French Hikes

Autumn is a great season for exploring hidden treasures in Europe. The weather is mild yet still warm enough to enjoy, and as autumn is a transitional season, the vibrant changing colours are a great compliment to the surrounding scenery. In this post we will explore some of the best autumn hikes in France that will awaken your senses to a truly unique experience:


Wine Trails of Burgundy:
There is no better time to visit the world famous vineyards of France than during the autumn season. Harvest begins in September so it’s the perfect time to indulge in the rich, fruity aromas pressed from the grapes. Due to the ripeness of this season, foliage is particularly vibrant, so you won’t be short of stunning hillside views and picturesque villages, surrounded by farms and fields.

Panorama over Banyuls sur Mer


Pyrenees – Mountains to Sea:
This walk is great for those who want to witness the vineyards during autumn, but also want to explore the dramatic mountains and coastlines of France. The climate settles to a much sweeter temperature from summer to autumn and green views turn to spectacular shades of gold, orange and yellow, forming a quintessential autumnal atmosphere.



The Stevenson Trail:
This classic countryside walk is one of France’s national treasures, which follows the trail of Scottish writer R. L. Stevenson. Taking you through volcanic plateaus, valleys and flourishing woodlands, you can experience a wide spectrum of autumnal hues, from deep blue, red and purple, all of which pop against the vast green backdrops.

Valle des Vosges


Alsace – Kaysersberg Valley:
Alsace is the beautiful border region between Germany and France and provides a brilliant blend of French culture with unique Germanic influences. This walk is characterised by medieval wine towns which are at their peak harvesting season in autumn, so wine tasting will be available in abundance. You will also experience shimmering landscapes of gold and red through the sunny valleys and rolling hills.

Monastère de la Grande-Chartreuse


Chartreuse – the Pre-Alps:
Chartreuse boasts unspoiled scenery that covers rich forests, meadows and waterfalls; offering an authentic autumn experience. Located in a mountainous region of south east France the air is temperate, making it suitable for autumn hikes. You will also have a chance to explore traditional French heritage as you wind through chapels, monasteries and museums, which boast a generous array of beautiful paintings and sculptures.



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