A Sardinian Summer Walk

A Sardinian Summer Walk

Sardinia is an island of extraordinary beauty. The seemingly endless coastal trails, limestone cliffs, scalloped bays and deep blue waters attract tourists from all over the world to catch a glimpse of this idyllic Italian island.

With so much to explore, Sardinia is the perfect place for a walking holiday, especially around the time of year when the sun is constant and wildlife is in abundance.



The tour begins among the limestone massif of Supramonte, a remarkable mountain range in central-eastern Sardinia. The impressively wild landscape sets the tone for the magnificent hiking ahead in the high limestone plateaux, intersected with ravines. Winding your way down old shepherds trails through the region of Barbaggia, you are faced with the white cliffs of the Barumini Mountains, inaccessible peaks rich with wildlife and the Su Gologone spring. This beautiful and fascinating opening in the limestone is the area’s only source of running water, and a cool welcome during a Sardinian summer walk.


A short transfer help you reach this spectacular destination. Tiscali is a unique feature of prehistoric Sardinia, an archeological site in the comune of Dorgali. Walk through the homeland of the Nuragic civilisation of Sardinia, where the mysterious nuraghi towers are found, thought to date from between 1500 and 500 BC.

Gola di Gorropu Gorge

This long and beautiful trail will have you walking through one of Europe’s deepest gorges. Flanked by dramatic limestone walls, towering up to 400m in height, the walk will have you immersed in holm oak woods and and boulder strewn slopes. The bottom of the gorge is a reason in itself to trek this breathtaking route, with huge white boulders surrounding crystal-clear pools.


Gulf of Orosei:

Heading towards the sea on this slightly strenuous but magnificent walk, you’ll be faced with wonderful views over the Gulf of Orosei; with 40 km worth of high cliffs, mysterious caves and a handful of stunning beaches. Gradually descending to Monterosso, you will follow a path along the ridge that connects the hinterland to the coast. Your journey will make its final descent to Cala Gonone, a hidden gem on Orosei coast. Here, your summer walk comes to a rest where you can relax on the spectacular white beach of Cala di Luna, accessible only by boat or on foot. Spend your last days diving, kayaking, fishing or just relax among the unforgettable summer surroundings of Sardinia.




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