The Top Five Coastal Walks in Spain

The Top Five Coastal Walks in Spain

Spain boasts more than 5,000 miles of coastline, much of which is graced with beautiful beaches. And the Spanish coastline has been a major tourist attraction for hikers for many years. But here we present the very best coastal walks that the incredible country of Spain has on offer.

1. The Andalucian Coast to Coast Walk

The Spanish region of Andalucia certainly meets all the requirements and best conditions for hiking. The great climate and stunning natural environment make it dream walking country. The Andalucian coast to coast walk is certainly a challenge. The 21 day, 416 kilometre hike, runs from Maro, on the Mediterreanean coast to Bolonia on the Atlantic. The stages vary in length from 14 kilometres to 27 kilometres, so you can cover a shorter portion of the route of you so wish. Andalucía’s mild winter climate means you can tackle the challenge of this walk all year round.

Maro Beach, Andalucia.

2. The Mediterranean Trail (GR92)

If you’re looking for a long-distance adventure across Spain’s craggy coastline, consider the GR92 trail which runs from Portbou to Ulldecona in Catalonia. The 583 kilometre route traverses the awe-inspiring Catalan coastline, beginning on the French border and progressing across the varied Spanish shoreline to Valencia. Highlights of the route include its northern sections, around La Foca, Calella and Llafranc.

3. El Port de la Selva, Costa Brava

Another great Spanish coastal walk is found at El Port de la Selva in Costa Brava. The first coastal path serves as a link between the coves of Fornells and Tamariua. While a second path, which is also worth exploring, connects El Port de la Selva with Llança along the shoreline. The first path offers particularly dramatic coastal views as you pass by the beaches of Cala Cativa and Cala Fornells, which are both truly stunning. The second route, which is 5 kilometres in length and manageable for families, moves past the beach of La Colomera and the lighthouse of S’Arnella, located on the peninsular of S’Arnella. The views here are particularly memorable too.

4. Cap de Formentor, Majorca

Cap de Formentor, Majorca.

Majorca remains an underrated hiking destinations, with many coastal walks on offer. The island has 300 days of sunshine each year, so you’re likely to always experience great weather. Cap de Formentor is the island’s highlight, with 18 kilometres of cliff-hugging, sea-gazing gorgeousness. There are many routes to explore. The peninsula has various trails that lead down to beaches and coves that you can uncover. The walk from Port de Pollença to the crescent-shaped Cala Bóquer is a beautiful and exciting one.

5. Nijar Natural Park, Almeria

Nijar Natural Park, Almeria.

The trek from the summit of El Fraile (493 metres above sea level) from Los Ecullos is breathtaking. This is the highest point in the Nijar Natural Park in Almeria. The Los Frailes (the monks) massif are three peaks which stand between Los Escullos and San Jose. Their position against the Mediterranean coastline provides hikers with beautiful coastal views of the surrounding region of Almeria. Interestingly, Almería is the driest place in Europe, so you’re almost certain to have some good weather should you choose this as your hiking destination.


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