Corsica GR20 Calvi to Bavella


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Mar - Oct


£ 1599 pp


13 nights

North to South 2012 – adapted version. The greatest high-level walk in Europe. Fabulous scenery. Disappearing way of life.

A Self-Guided Walking Holiday – 13 nights, 10 days walking

The GR20 traverses the island diagonally following the high granite barrier of mountains that form the natural boundary between the two regions of Corsica. The trail offers some fantastic scenery, along with an insight into the authentic and traditional working mountain communities. You may meet the last of the shepherds that still follow the age-old ‘transhumance’, whereby they pass the summer months with their flocks on the high fresh pastures and the winters down by the coast. You stay in a variety of different accommodations, a mix of camps, refuges, gites, or shepherds cabins, situated in places of exceptional beauty. Your evening meals are prepared for you.

The GR20 is for walkers who have a very good fitness level. It does not require any climbing techniques or special skills, but you need to be able to walk with confidence over a variety of rugged terrains and to have a head for heights. The trail winds through some incredible mountain terrain, over high ridges, down deep chasms and bare granite slopes. There are many steep ascents and descents and the ambience is strictly alpine. An exceptional walk, reputed as the best and most challenging in Europe. Please note that due to the nature of this walk we cannot offer it for one person walking alone.


Self Guided:

– £1599.00 per person from Calvi to Bavella with luggage transportation and including first overnight in Calvi

– £1089.00 per person from Calvi to Bavella without luggage transportation

Prices for just North or South sections, self-guided, on request.


Difficulty of Walk:

The GR20 is for walkers who are very fit. The paths are often very stony with numerous steep up-hill sections and descents that are rough under foot. There is between 4h00 and 9h30 effective walking per day, often with considerable altitude gain – it is a tough, rugged, mountain itinerary. Please note that for safety reasons we cannot offer this to single walkers. The effective walking time is an indication of how long it will take, though walking speed varies enormously. The timings do not take into account stops en route.


Guided Groups from south to north on the following days – please ask for information:

20th June, 18th July, 15th August, 05 September – arrival on a Saturday to start walking on a Sunday.

Day 1: Arrival in Calvi

Calvi overnight. Dinner is not included tonight.


Day 2: From Calvi to Bonifatu

You will be transferred to Calenzana, the ‘land of olive trees’, from where you hike to Bonifatu. The first day’s walk includes the crossing of several rivers as well as magnificent viewpoints over Balagne. It is an excellent warm up to the GR20 offering superb views over coastal Corsica.

Accommodation: Gîte (double room available).

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Walking: About 4h05.

Height gain: + 800m

Height loss: -540m


Day 3: Bonifatu to Haut

Asco Leave Bonifatu for one of the longest days of the week. You will cross several rivers before reaching the famous footbridge of Spasimata (length 30m) and suspended above a waterfall. Arrive at the Valley of the Muvrella (mouflon) and its small lake. The viewpoints are numerous and marvellous. Arrive at the foot of Monte Cinto, highest summit of Corsica, where you will spend the night.

Accommodation: Gîte (double room available).

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Walking: About 8h00.

Height gain: +1300m

Height loss: -598m.


Day 4: From Haut Asco to the Sheepfolds of Vallone

You may have the chance to observe mouflons, which are numerous in this region of Corsica. The legendary Cirque of the Solitude offers one of the most impressive panoramas of the GR20. Steep climb involving handrails and ladder, a tricky passage that will leave you with great memories once crossed! (A detour is possible to avoid it if preferred). Reach the Tighjettu refuge before continuing towards the sheepfolds of Vallone.

Accommodation: Tent

Luggage: Your main bag will not be available on this day

Walking: About 5h25

Height gain: +1050m

Height loss: -980m


Day 5: From the Sheepfolds of Vallone to Verghio

From the foot of the Paglia Orba, with views over the Golo river and the town of Niolu, climb steeply. Splendid landscapes and lots of granite. From the Refuge of Ciotulu i Mori, the path becomes easier and takes the transhumance route before entering woodland for your overnight.

Accommodation: Gîte (double room available).

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Walking: About 6h15.

Height gain: +971m

Height loss: -1017m.


Day 6: Vergio to the Sega Refuge

The route ascends. As you climb, the trees become scarce and you approach Lake Nino. From the lake, the view is splendid over part of the route that you have already walked. The path continues to one of the most beautiful refuges on the island.

Accommodation: Refuge.

Luggage: Your main bag will not be available on this day.

Walking: About 7h50

Height gain: +869m

Height loss: -689m


Day 7: From the Sega refuge to Corte

Perhaps after final bathe in the natural pools near the refuge you’ll start your last walk alongside the Tavignano river, to Corte. Plenty of swimming opportinities in the crystalline waters of the river. Overnight Corte. Dinner not included.

Accommodation: Hotel, twin rooms.

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at your hotel.

Walking: About 4 hours

Height gain: +720m

Height loss: -1400m


Day 8: Corte – Vizzavona

After breakfast, you can spend time in Corte, the ancient capital of Corsica, with its citadel, museum, and cafes and bars. Then, take the train to Vizzavona where you will spend a night before carrying on the southern part of the GR20.

Accommodation: Gîte.

Luggage: You will take your day sack plus your main bag on the train to Vizzavona. The train station is a ten minute walk from the hotel

Walking: 0h


Day 9: Vizzavona to Capanelle

This long day begins by climbing up to Bocca Palmente. In the heart of the forest of Vizzavona, cross several watercourses until Bocca Palmente, from where the view is magnificent. Over the pass before finally arriving at the sheepfolds of Capannelle where you will spend the night in a refuge.

Accommodation: Gîte.

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Walking: About 7h45

Height gain: +1000m

Height loss: -400m


Day 10: Capannelle to the Pass of Verde

From Capannelle, pass the sheepfolds of Traggete before attaining the Plateau of Giaglione. Cross the I Spiazzi footbridge; then descend, protected by the biggest and most majestic Corsican pines, before coming to the Verde Pass.

Accommodation: Gîte.

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Walking: about 5h00

Height gain: +700m

Height loss: -950m


Day 11: From the Pass of Verde to Cozzano

Begin this day by ascending towards the refuge of Prati, with beautiful views over the Renosu Massif. The view is at its best when you reach the crest, from where you will be able to view the Island of Elba if the weather allows it. Next, descend among rocks towards Cozzano, in the heart of Corsica.

Accommodation: Gîte.

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Walking: about 8h00

Height gain: +750m

Height loss: -1300m


Day 12: From Cozzano to the Sheepfolds of Basseta

This first part of the day will be devoted to the climb towards BoccaDi l’Usciolu. Reach the highest point of the day’s walk before entering a forest of ancient trees. The path descends and the vegetation becomes denser. After crossing a stream, arrive at the sheepfolds of Basseta.

Accommodation: Gîte.

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Walking: about 6h30

Height gain:+910m

Height loss:-505m

In case of bad weather you can take another path:

Walking: About 6h00.

Height gain:+887m

Height loss:-483m


Day 13: From the Sheepfolds of Basseta to Bavella

This is the longest and hardest day of the holiday, but the end of this superb trek is in sight. After a passage in the forest, you will cross a footbridge to continue through former sheepfolds towards Monte Incudine. From here you will descend to Asinau to reach your final destination, Bavella and its famous “Aiguilles” (or “needles”), which dominate the landscape of the Alta Rocca. There couldn’t be a more fantastic place to finish this memorable walk.

Accommodation: Gîte.

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Walking (via the GR20): about 09h00

Height gain: +982m

Height loss: -1100m

Walking (via the alpine variant):  about 09h00

Height gain: +1170m

Height loss: –1200m


Day 14: Bavella

End of the stay after breakfast.



Please Note: Although it is our intention to operate the itineraries exactly as detailed above, it may be necessary to make changes as a result of factors beyond our control, from local alterations, climatic conditions, limited infrastructure, accommodation or other operational factors. As a consequence, the itinerary or nightstops may be modified and we reserve the right to make changes when/if necessary. Abnormal conditions can prevail, so flexibility may be necessary.


£1599 per person based on two people sharing.



13 nights accommodation in mix of camps, refuges, gites, or shepherds cabins.



Full board accommodation except on specified days, transportation as necessary within the programme, luggage transfers, route instructions and maps, emergency back-up.



It is possible to fly into Calvi airport, however flights from the UK involve changing at Paris, Nice or Marseilles.

There is also the option to fly into Bastia airport and take the daily bus service which takes approx. 2 hours or arrange a transfer.


What to take:

Sturdy walking boots and walking socks (with a change of socks in rucksack), rucksack/day pack, 1 x water bottle with 1 litre capacity, insect repellent, sun glasses, sun hat, sunblock/cream, compass, torch, first-aid kit.



We recommend that you take out appropriate holiday insurance covering you against illness, injury, and loss or damage to luggage. This insurance should also cover the possibility of your having to cancel your holiday for any reason.
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