• New Tours for 2014
    For our first blog of 2014, I thought I would talk a little about some of the new tours that we will be offering this year.

  • Brittany - A French Cornish Cousin
    Brittany, in northwest France, is a region quite distinct from the rest of France and yet remarkably similar (in some ways) to the southwest of England and Cornwall in particular.

  • Islands In The Sun
    There is a little group of small islands in the Mediterranean on the same latitude as Tunisia and Cyprus and just south of Sicily, collectively known as Malta, but in fact consisting of the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino. It is a tiny country but with some extraordinary attributes.

  • The Cotswolds
    World Walks offers walking and cycling holidays around the world - it is easy to forget, therefore, that we have some of the best facilities for these activities right on our own doorstep here in England.

  • What to pack for a walking holiday
    Knowing exactly what to pack on your walking holiday is something of a fine art, and even the most experienced outdoor lovers will continue to refine their kit list throughout their walking careers: at the top level, walkers will even shave their toothbrush handles to save a little extra space and weight in their packs!

  • Super Foods for Hikers
    Adults usually require between 2,000 – 2,500 calories each day, but out on the hills you can expect to burn twice that amount!

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