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About Us

World Walks has been providing walking holidays around the world since 1998. The company was founded by people who have worked across every aspect of the tourist industry – as guides, consultants, writers, and more. We offer a personalised service at a good price.

Our Objective

The principle behind our holidays is a simple one: we aim to give people the opportunity to discover fascinating places at their own pace and in their own time. In most cases, we work with local companies in each region. We do this for two reasons – so that you have a local contact while you are on holiday, and to benefit the local economies with our business

What We Include

This varies from holiday to holiday and depends on the nature of the destination. Most of our holidays are self-guided, although some of the more exotic destinations will include a guide. On some occasions, meals will be included. On others, if there is a wide variety of choice in the local area, we leave it up to you. In all cases, there is a local back-up service on hand to help with general information, problems, and emergencies.Furthermore, we operate a flexible approach to our holidays. If you want them longer or shorter, please ask – it may be possible!

Do you offer a brochure?

We do not have a brochure. All of the information that would traditionally appear in a brochure can be found here on our website. You will also find links to other resources, such as airlines and local tourist information.We are delighted to answer any questions you have, either by email, phone, or fax.